Daisy Office Yoga

A handstand assist during a Daisy Yoga class.


30 minute “no sweat” signature class: No mat? No changing out of work clothes? No problem. Enjoy the benefits of yoga without stressing about the other stuff. In 30 minutes or less, get a good stretch and take a short break from your desk.

60 Minute Flow: Are you a group of beginners that want to learn the basics? Are you experienced and want to learn arm balances or inversions? Are you a group of people with diverse needs? We can tailor the class to your specific needs!

Conference Table Yoga: This is great for a traditional corporate office setting taking steps towards company wellness. Everyone can participate in this yoga class, regardless of age, ability, or available space! Learn easy de-stressing techniques and yoga moves that you can do at your desk.

Corporate Events: We will teach your employees how to self de-stress using yogic techniques. Available for conferences, health fairs, and wellness events and retreats.

Meditation Session: Available for group or private sessions. Use meditation and the power of the mind to relax and renew.

Private Office Session: A one-on-one private yoga class with an experienced yoga teacher in your office, for 30–90 mins, depending on your needs.

A Daisy Yoga class doing a bow pose

How it Works

Classes are on a flat rate, per class, no matter how many people attend. Discount offered with a 6 month contract. Contact for a quote, as prices may vary based on your needs.

All Daisy Office Yoga classes are BYOM—Bring Your Own Mat. We can arrange to bring mats for sale with advance notice.

Our mission is to use proceeds from office yoga to bring low to no-cost yoga to kids, teens, and people with disabilities. The yoga goes full circle, like a daisy chain.

Two students goofing around on a dock during a Daisy Yoga adventure.

Adventures and Seasonal Specials

During Spring, Summer, and Fall, we offer fun and affordable wellness adventures. Offered only in the NYC area, let us organize your next group outing, many accessible by public transportation.

Some options include: Yoga in NYC Parks, Hiking and Yoga via Metro North or MTA Bus , Beach Yoga Day Trip...and many more!

A whiteboard drawing during a Daisy Kids Yoga event.

Schools and Adaptive Yoga

Teacher Professional Development: Designed by our founder, a former NYC Public School teacher with five years experience in the system, this PD is incredibly useful to teachers. Focusing on stress reduction, our program can be tailored to meet the needs of your school.

Test Stress Workshop: For teachers or students, learn yogic techniques to control the stress that can come as a result of high stakes testing.

Kids yoga: We have a strong team of yoga teachers with experience teaching yoga to kids and teens of all abilities. We can help your school design an affordable and sustainable yoga and meditation program.

Access yoga: Our founder has a MSEd in teaching students with Disabilities, and has years of experience teaching yoga to students with multiple disabilities, including vision disabilities, cerebral palsy, autism, and many more. Ask about our programs for people with special needs.

Daisy Yoga founder, Lauren Coles.


Daisy Yoga, LLC was founded in New York City by Lauren Coles. Yoga teacher since 2007, she spent five years working as a special education and yoga teacher at a public high school in New York City. Before that, she worked at a benefits company as a work-life counselor. She also writes about office yoga for the Huffington Post.

Daisy Yoga aims to bring yoga and meditation to the work force as a way to help improve people’s work-life balance, increase health and happiness, and reduce stress, and to use proceeds from the business to bring low to no-cost yoga to teens, kids, and people with disabilities.

Go to facebook.com/daisyyogatravel for more information about retreats and international service projects.